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The Spitfire Nine

Business Owners and Marketing Managers:

Is your business pulling in wildly successful sales
and the freedom you crave? If "no," we'll figure out why...
and help you turn sales around. Let's go!

I will hold your hand to grow sales, within your budget, including...

Determine Your Best
Message & Design Concept

to pull customers in like a magnet
Establish Collaborative Partnerships
to promote in an unique way
while saving money

Nail Your Top 5 Strategies
to get the word out
Mags News

Holly George
Expert ongoing advice from Holly George

Identify the few customers
that will bring in
80% of your revenue!

Put Holly's 25 years' experience in catapulting businesses
to success to work for you!

Big growth is beyond your doorstep. Let me help you take the leap.

Holly Signature
Holly works with only up to 9 clients at a time and never with direct competitors. Inquire asap to save your spot.

Success is all about the right strategies to reach the right customer with the right message... and the right support to ensure big action.


Welcome to The Spitfire Nine.

  • First, you will brainstorm one-on-one with Holly George, owner and marketing expert, to:
    • discuss any barriers to success,
    • prioritize your income goals,
    • identify the customer that will bring you the biggest sales,
    • create your perfect message, and
    • nail down your top 5 strategies.
    You will walk away from this session with answers to your toughest marketing challenges... and Holly will summarize the entire session in your Spitfire Marketing Plan.

  • We will put our years of delivering an average 10 times return on investment to work — we'll develop a design concept to include your best message for you to use and adapt to promote your business in a high quality and highly targeted way.

  • You get 3 additional hours of one-on-one consulting time with Holly. Front-load the time if you need to, take it in 30-minute quick consults, or stockpile it for advice on next steps within the year.

  • PLUS brainstorm with Holly your plan to collaborate with other businesses to think even bigger, take unique action... and realize more success.

  • BONUS Audios: 5 free audios to clarify your work even further: Identify Your Best Customer; Turn Prospects Into Loyalists; Brainstorm Your Perfect Tagline; Promote Benefits Over Features; Create Successful Collaborations.

  • On top of it all, you get exclusivity. Holly accepts only 9 businesses into this group — thus the "Spitfire Nine" name. And there are no direct competitors. This elite group of nine is a safe haven for connecting to discuss ideas, advice, and results.

Why Nine?

Throughout 25+ years of serving our clients, we've connected with the best resources, tapped the best talent, and learned to pull it all together efficiently... with top-notch results!

The Spitfire Plan, design concept with message, and consulting are all done one-on-one with Holly.

And, when considering your collaborative partnership promotional idea, we've found that 9 is the perfect number for Holly to draw from to either include a couple of your Spitfire Nine peers or pull in other businesses that make sense to promote alongside you. You'll generate an attention-getting idea that will deliver more exposure and save you money by sharing the costs.

Use your additional one-on-one consulting time with Holly to hold your hand on your timeline, as you move your Spitfire Plan and all your strategies into action.

How cool is that?!

It's all about boosting your bottom line based on your comfort level, budget and goals.

So, "why 9?" Because we hand-hold you
to success... and since we're hands-on,
that's our ideal number, too. Go, nine!

You are ideal as one of our exclusive Spitfire Nine if:
  • You are passionate about your business
  • You are ready to work to grow sales
  • You have good systems in place to cater to your best customers
  • You want to be exclusive — we feature your business, not your competitors
  • You crave success and the exposure that comes with it
  • You welcome positive change and good advice
  • You realize the value of strength in numbers!

Finally, play big — and
get big results. The details...

You Get The Right Message, The Right Strategies, and The Right Support

  • A design concept with your best message for you to use as an overall design and message guide and to promote your business in a high quality and highly targeted way, taking advantage of our vast experience in delivering an average 10 times return on investment.

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    Click Here for Real-world Examples

  • Your Spitfire Marketing Plan identifying your very best customers, what sets you apart from your competition, your best strategies for growth, and how you will make it happen — PLUS, your quantified outline for exactly where you plan to grow sales.


  • One-on-one consulting, including your perfect Spitfire Plan, design concept and much more. You will work with Holly George, owner and international marketing expert, in a half day brainstorm session to prioritize and quantify your goals, identify the customer that will bring you the biggest sales, and nail down your resulting perfect message and top 5 strategies. You will walk away from this one-on-one phone session with answers to your toughest marketing challenges. Plus, the entire session will be summarized by Holly in your easy-to-implement Spitfire Plan, and in a followup consult to review your plan, to present your design concept, and to ensure understanding of next steps to success.

    Holly George
    Click Here to Learn More About Holly

    Plus, you get 3 additional hours of one-on-one consulting time with Holly. Front-load the time if you need to, take it in 30-minute quick consults, or stockpile it for advice on next steps. We'll hold your hand as you layout, write, market using social media, launch additional campaigns, analyze your sales process... whatever you need most throughout the remainder of the year to achieve results!

    Get a sense of Holly's direct and highly effective style
    in this FREE 30-minute audio
    on creating collaborative promotions.

  • BONUS: One of your Spitfire Plan's biggest strategies, you will brainstorm with Holly to collaborate and establish marketing partnerships. This tactic is all about bigger ideas and affordable growth. Holly will hold your hand as you work to establish a collaborative partnership idea and approach the business or businesses that make sense for promoting along-side your company — all based on your comfort level, goals and budget.

    And don't forget the 5 FREE Audios to clarify your work even further!

    Benefits Over Your Competition

    • Exclusivity — we feature your business, not your competitors
    • Hand-holding — only 9 exclusive members are accepted, and you get dedicated one-on-one time
    • Solid Advice — Holly George has a proven track record of success with clients in the US, Canada and UK
    • Excellent ROI — we deliver solid advice that is quantifiable through sales
    • Professional writing and design advice that draws your best prospects in
    • Big Agency access — concepts, advice and access to additional data as needed that is normally available only on big corporate budgets
    • High level brainstorming and out-of-the-box thinking from Holly and your collaborative partners
    • Cool new friends — build lasting marketing relationships with your ideal peers

    Spitfire Nine Members Are Exclusive


    Your cost to be one of the
    Spitfire Nine:
    Only $4,495

Limit: 9 exclusive members

E-mail or call us at 651-334-8921
with questions or to discuss other payment options.
We are happy to invoice you if preferred.

Need more proof and motivation?

Get pumped to realize your potential!

Learn about Holly's highly effective results with
United Kingdom client, 
Alex Greer, in this 10-minute
Marketing Makeover Success Story!

Cost Comparison

Cost if you were to promote alone:
  • One-on-one half-day Brainstorm Session, with Spitfire Plan written by Holly for you: $1,995
  • Collaborative Idea and Direction for Approaching Partners, as part of your Plan: $775
  • Design concept and copywriting, with your perfectly positioned message: $2,495
  • Additional 3 hours of one-on-one coaching and consulting with Holly: $525
  • 5 Audios to help you along the way: $175

    Total to promote alone: almost $6,000!

Cost to promote in The Spitfire Nine:
  • Establish lasting marketing partnerships,
  • Nail down goals, message and strategies to achieve it all in your Spitfire Plan,
  • Effective design concept and positioning to increase awareness among the right customers and realize higher response rates...
  • Plus, you get top-notch work and advice!

    Only $4,495
    (That's 25% off!)


Our Guarantee to You:

We deliver more
than your money's worth
before even considering the
professional consulting. Your Spitfire Plan,
design concept, collaborating & audios
alone amount to $5,965...
much more than you pay!

PLUS, you get one-on-one access to
Holly, expert marketer.


  • Since 1994, we have worked with our database of clients on marketing projects that consistently deliver 10 times ROI and at least 8% response. Click here for real-world examples.

  • Let's say your average sale is $50. If you get only 90 additional sales, you will pay for your investment.

  • Plus, you will add highly qualified prospects to your list, realize repeat sales, and gain brand awareness and response from the ideas and media you employ in this campaign.

Client Comments:

"I learned more from Holly in 90 minutes than I learned from big city marketing consultants in an entire year."
~ Clare Hintz, Program Coordinator, www.northland.edu

“In a competitive industry like ours, it’s no mistake that your advice delivers results.
~ Mick Endersbe,
American Express

Fast Track Group

"The plan brainstorming alone offered an immediate sense of confidence and self-assurance in our product, and the satisfaction in knowing we provided the best services. When you complete this part of the program, your company will become transparent. It is an imperative piece to any company's development and overall understanding of its direction and values."
- Tamara Burns, TBW Consulting, Minneapolis

"You're a master with words and messages, and you helped me bring clarity and focus to my efforts. Thank you! Thank you!"
~ Nancy Sandstrom, Innkeeper, www.pinehurstinn.com

Fast Track Group

“Working with you was the best thing I ever did for my business. It is now one year on and the discoveries I made are still having an impact, having my most successful month ever by at least 100%! Just to think I had only 3 clients and no online rank in my industry, and now I have 11 clients, hired help, rank 3rd in my industry and have exceeded plans. You focused me, gave easy-to-follow advice, and made me feel like a whiz at my game. A thousand 'thank yous!' I wholeheartedly and unashamedly say that Holly really is the marketing spitfire she proclaims to be, and I will be forever grateful for being so fortunate to have met her."
- Alex Greer, London, UK

“You helped us put tangible pieces of great value right into our target’s hands. Not only do we appreciate the unmistakable value of your advice, but also we appreciate you deliver results as promised.
~ Meredith Leary Johnson, Media Planner,
Fallon McElligott Advertising

Fast Track Group

"So many marketing 'experts' teach you THEIR way to success. Holly shows you YOUR way. Such a difference! I could tell right away that her experience put her heads and shoulders above anybody we've worked with."
~ Kip Hirschbach, Founder, AxisTechnology Inc.

"Wow! I can tell you have really thought about me. This is NOT a cookie cutter plan."
~ Maria Tototzintle, www.tequila

“Holly gets right to the point. No time wasted. I learned more than enough to make advertising for our new site so much better than our last one that we had Clients we hadn’t talked to in years calling us to place orders.”
- Katrina Sather, Owner,
The Bridal Collection, Seattle, WA


"I must say, I've never had anything this detailed. I've never had my business quantified in such a strategic plan. Your style, presentation and explanation is simple, straight forward, and empowering. This is so phenomenal. The other so-called 'experts' never came close to what you've delivered. You're worth way more than you charge, and I know it. Thank you so much!"
- Cookie Tuminello, THE Team Builder of the South

“Their mailing programs are produced with the highest quality — something you really don’t find in today’s niched marketing options.”
~ Sandy Jones, American Family Insurance

“I attribute a lot of our rapid growth to them.”
~ Robin McLeod, MD, LP, Counseling Psychologists of Woodbury, P.A.

“We needed to reach specific markets, and their advice is excellent. Holly knows the effective marketing strategies of the future, and our results reflect taking advantage of the leading edge of this trend.”
~ Amy Vener,
The Star Tribune
Minneapolis, MN

Fast Track Group

"Holly is an extraordinary marketing coach. She is experienced, savvy and a joy to work with. If you are looking for real results, I highly recommend you contact her."
~ Mitch Meyerson,
President of Guerrilla Marketing Coach

Jay Picture

Jay Conrad Levinson,
the Father of
Guerrilla Marketing,
had this to say:

"Certified Guerrilla Marketer Holly George tells it all, makes it all clear, and provides the step-by-step instruction every entrepreneur and small business owner needs to hear. She methodically shares proven income-boosting methods, explains clear actionable strategies, and provides a solid measurable system for attaining big results. Working with her will be one of your more profitable actions this year."
~ Jay Conrad Levinson,
the Father of Guerrilla Marketing, Author, "Guerrilla Marketing" series - over 14 million sold

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We are happy to invoice you if preferred.

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Collaborate. It's like becoming a gourmet
without needing the fancy stuff.

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Holly George,
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