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This FREE Spitfire Workshop puts you on the path to the edge you need in getting the results you want, faster and more efficiently.

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Holly George A Message from Holly:

I grew up in a small business family, and ever since I was a little girl I've loved to celebrate success. With 25 years in marketing, moving up the ranks, I still get a lump in my throat whenever a small business client tells me "thanks" and that their work with me has changed their life for the better.

Like me, you started your businesses to make more money and achieve more freedom... and that's what I promise to help you do.

After years of working internationally with clients, my choice to better balance family and work... is your big benefit.

Many of my exclusive clients come from this workshop, because they want more straight talk and "shot-in-the-arm" advice to achieve sales success quickly and with the least amount of effort. I partner with each of my clients in a much bigger way to help them ensure success, within their budgets.

I look forward to connecting with you in this free Spitfire Workshop... and to further help you in whatever way you allow. Let's grow!

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P.S. I personally invite you to start on your direct path to success for free with me in this short "shot-in-the-arm" consult, and choose to keep going to skyrocket success.
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70 pages of interactive step-by-steps to spitfire success. Any great marketer can help you write a plan. Holly goes the extra mile in three important areas. First, she teaches mastery of key life skills that small business owners often overlook: time management, budgeting, and developing supportive relationships. Then she sets you up for success by addressing your business mind-set and systems before walking you through the steps to write your own understandable and easily implemented marketing plan. Finally, along the way, she shares real-world personal stories that back up her solid advice.

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"Great Small Business Great Big Life,"
by Holly George.

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Jay Conrad Levinson,
the Father of Guerrilla Marketing,
had this to say:

"Certified Guerrilla Marketer Holly George tells it all, makes it all clear, and provides the step-by-step instruction every entrepreneur and small business owner needs to hear. She methodically shares proven income-boosting methods, explains clear actionable strategies, and provides a solid measurable system for attaining big results. Working with her will be one of your more profitable actions this year."

~ Jay Conrad Levinson, the Father of Guerrilla Marketing, Author, "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books - over 14 million sold

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Mitch Meyerson, the Founder
of Guerrilla Marketing Coach,
had this to say:

"Holly is an extraordinary marketing coach. She is experienced, savvy and a joy to work with. If you are looking for real results, I highly recommend you contact her."

~ Mitch Meyerson,
President of Guerrilla Marketing Coach

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"I learned more from Holly in 90 minutes than I learned from big city marketing consultants in an entire year."
~ Clare Hintz, Evening Degree Program Coordinator, www.northland.edu

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"The plan brainstorming alone offered an immediate sense of confidence and self-assurance in knowing we provided the best services. When you complete this part of the program, your company will become transparent. It is an imperative piece to any company's development and overall understanding of its direction and values."
- Tamara Burns, TBW Consulting, Minneapolis, MN

"You're a master with words and a master with messages, and you helped me bring clarity and focus to my efforts. Thank you! Thank you!"
~ Nancy Sandstrom, Innkeeper, www.pinehurstinn.com

Fast Track Group
“Working with you was the best thing I ever did for my business. It is now one year on and the discoveries I made then are still having an impact now, having just had my most successful month ever by at least 100%! You focused me, gave easy-to-follow advice, and made me feel like a whiz at my game. Holly really is the marketing spitfire she proclaims to be, and I am forever grateful to have met her."
- Alex Greer, London, UK

Fast Track Group
"So many marketing 'experts' teach you THEIR way to success. Holly shows you YOUR way. Such a difference! I could tell right away that her experience put her heads and shoulders above anybody we've worked with."
~ Kip Hirschbach, AxisTechnology

"Wow! I can tell you have really thought about me. This is NOT a cookie cutter plan."
~ Maria Tototzintle, www.tequila

“Holly gets right to the point. No time wasted here. I learned more than enough to make advertising for our new (site) so much better than our last one that we had Clients we hadn’t talked to in years calling us to place orders.”
- Katrina Sather, Owner,
The Bridal Collection, Seattle, WA

"I must say, I've never had anything this detailed. I've never had my business quantified in such a strategic plan. Your style, presentation and explanation is simple, straight forward, and empowering. This is so phenomenal. The other so-called 'experts' never came close to what you've delivered. You're worth way more than you charge, and I know it. Thank you so much!"
- Cookie Tuminello, THE Team Builder of the South

Collaborate. It's like becoming a gourmet
without needing the fancy stuff.

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Holly George,
Founder (with a hand in all projects)